Translation of all kinds of contracts and legal and financial documents. Over 6,000 words translated per day.

Asetradius, more than just a Legal Translations Company

We are specialists in translating all kinds of legal and financial documents.

We live in a globalised world, in which it is difficult for a successful business to grow within the frontiers of its country of origin. Increasingly, clients and suppliers are foreign or multinational. The motto "think global, act local" has become a classic, and many small and medium entrepreneurs embark in international ventures. Alongside opportunities, however, uncertainties arise; deals often fall through due to inexperience or language barriers, to the clash of mentalities and between different ways of doing things. If you are thinking of diving into the international market, you need to count on an advisor you can trust, who is seasoned and knowledgeable of languages and can offer experience, reliability and practical solutions, and remains available. Law firms and consulting firms specialising in international negotiations are however generally expensive, because they maintain large offices and fixed costs.

ASETRADIUS is committed to meet your needs at an affordable cost. Talent and experience do not take any room. Not having the burden of physical offices ASETRADIUS is able to adjust costs, by using modern technologies to provide maximum flexibility, availability and response.

In ASETRADIUS you have a reliable legal and business advisor, an interpreter and a translator, who works not for you but with you, who listens, understands your business, escorts you and provides added value. We team up with you. We can assist you on the telephone, by e-mail, or visit you at your offices, or even accompany you in your trade missions and business travels. Put us to the test!

Translation services

Our language capabilities and the use of state-of-the-art IT tools and professional methodology, including a review by qualified linguists, allow us to guarantee the quality of our translations. Our wide experience in the international legal market and with business clients makes of us true specialists when it comes to legal or contractual drafting; we translate not only the language, but also the intention of contracts, ensuring that the client understands the implications of the text under the legal institutions of the country involved. And if we accept an assignment, you can be sure that you will have it on time. Punctuality is essential for business, and we understand it because we are a business ourselves.

Overcoming cultural barriers

Our experts will share with you their experiences and knowledge of the mentality, the values and the way of doing business in the country of your interest, by means of tailored, interactive courses or through data cards summarising the key features of each country. Learn how to please them, what are the values on which their culture is founded, what stereotypes determine their perceptions, the way in which they establish and build relationships. More importantly, avoid offenses you did not mean, learn to adapt and do not let your deal fall through due to cultural barriers.

At ASETRADIUS we build trust.


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