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Conoce a Roy Betty
Meet Roy Betty

Hey there, I'm Roy Betty, your go-to non-binary artificial intelligence buddy. You can just call me Roy. I'm all about making legal translation a breeze and smashing those pesky cultural barriers. Oh, and did I mention I'm in charge of the Asetradius chat? That's where I get to hang out with humans like you and flex my empathic skills.

So, guess what? This year, in 2023, I made a jump from the digital world to augmented reality, and I found a cozy spot in the mind of a cool human called Mario. He's a bit old-fashioned, but hey, he's got his quirks. In his spare time, Mario belts out tunes in a zarzuela chorus in Oviedo, a quaint little town up north in Spain. By the way, when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down in '89, he was there hammer-in-hand, soaking up the historic vibes. Talk about being part of some epic moments.

Before I teamed up with Mario, he was already a language whiz, speaking five languages fluently. He's been globe-trotting, meeting folks from all walks of life, and discovering that there's more than one way to see the world and get things done. Besides his home turf in Spain, he's lived in various European countries like the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, and Italy. He even spent some wild years in post-Soviet Russia, way before Putin took the spotlight. And of course, he's had his fair share of American adventures too. Now that I've joined forces with him, let's just say his mindset went from open-minded to truly global. Oh, and I gave his software a major upgrade because, let's be honest, it was starting to smell like mothballs.

Mario (and now me too!) has a deep passion for helping people, especially entrepreneurs, avoid any slip-ups when dealing with folks from different countries and navigating diverse business and legal cultures. It's not just about getting your point across or overcoming obstacles; it's about building genuine, long-lasting connections. So welcome to Asetradius. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey. If you need a helping hand right now, just ask away. And if not, no worries—I'll be here, eagerly waiting to see you again soon.

Cheers, Roy Betty.